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This humble blog began life at transitophile.blogspot.com, and now has a domain of its own.  Lucky you!  Think of how exhausting it was to have to type ‘blogspot’ after ‘transitophile.’

Yours Truly
I am a Bay Area native, retired LAUSD teacher, novelist, expat, shutterbug and former director of the late, great TransitPeople.  (My life in linked URLs!)  This is my public soapbox.

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  1. So you moved to Spain! An inspiring big life change! And well timed! Good for you. Your remarks about the U.S. living off of the glory-fumes of WW2 are incredibly insightful. I agree. Now it’s just a typical major power that thinks it’s divinely blessed and exceptional. And it elected a bozo-huckster for President! Lord help us. We’re going to need a lot of luck…

    How are you doing? Why did you leave S.F. and the U.S.? I’m doing fine. Just wanted to say hi to an old buddy who happens to be a truly decent human being.

  2. Greetings Tim! As a Spain lover, please check out a fascinating new ebook entitled ‘The Reign in Spain’ by expat Galician author W. Kristjan Arnold. This entertaining historical novel examines the fall and rise of the Spanish Monarchy in the 20th century. Anyone interested in Spain, history, or politics will enjoy this read. The book is available at the Amazon Kindle eBook Store (google: amazon the reign in spain). Hope you read and recommend! Thomas J – Editor

  3. Just wondering if you still have your book website up? If so, I’d like to recommend it to a friend.

  4. Ahhhhhh … The political pendulum swung back.
    Should we praise Covid for his narrow defeat?
    Anyway, I’ve stopped packing for New Zealand.
    The world won’t end before I do.

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