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A photo of Ruby, the good luck dog

One summer in my elementary school years, the dog pictured below charmed my mother and inveigled his way into a cozy sinecure of room and board in our home.  This photo is the only record of him. My mother called him Rufus. He simply wandered in from the street one day, irresistibly friendly and cute […]

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Why I wrote Brothers of the Milky Way

Just in case you missed the 60 Minutes special or the White House press conference: I wrote a novel, Brothers of the Milky Way, about (among other things) the friendship between a car-crazed East Bay supermarket cashier and an environmentalist drifter.  Blue Tower Press is where you’ll find the ebook; the price is right, as […]

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Posts from TransitoPhile blog …

… are below, thanks to the importing capabilities of WordPress.  I don’t think they look as nice as they did on, but suppose I should be grateful that I can pull them in at all. In any case, you’ve been informed.  Posts below = 2011.  Posts above = 2013 and later.

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