Edith and David Kulstein in Algiers, 1944

Edith Kulstein: 97 Year Old Zoom User

The photo above was snapped in Algiers during World War II. The attractive young woman is a French Jewish refugee, had fled the Nazis with her family in 1940. She would soon marry the serviceman shown and move with him to the United States.

Three-quarters of a century later, I met her online.

Edith is ninety-seven now, and a regular participant in the Spanish-English language exchange I host through Zoom. A more recent shot is below.

Edith joined our group in early June. I guessed when she logged in that she wouldn’t have to show ID to qualify for a seniors’ discount, but also never imagined that she was much older than, say, eighty.   I function in the online events as an on-screen usher, rarely can offer more than a quick greeting to participants before transferring them to virtual chat rooms. I knew that Edith always logged in with clean video and audio and that others seemed happy to chat with her.  That was about all.

Edith Kulstein in 2021
Edith Kulstein in 2021

A few weeks ago, she happened to mention her age before logging off. Many, many years have passed since I last interviewed anyone¹, but I thought I could dust off old skills to produce a video.  A ninety-seven year old Zoom user deserves the attention.

¹ Edit, a few hours later: since I last interviewed anyone professionally, I should have written.  Sorry.  Didn´t I interview Ximena for this very blog in 2018? …

Edit #2, next day: … or the Stanislaus Humanists, met and interviewed in Central California while awaiting my Spain visa in 2016.

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