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Graffiti on the 14 bus

Two years ago in Public Transit in L.A.: an older-but-wiser look back, I grumbled that I have seen graffiti in some San Francisco buses worse than I’d expect in a public bathroom on Venice beach.  Those of you lucky enough to straphang in better governed cities might have thought I was exaggerating. If only, if […]

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Remembering Lee Joseph

Twelve year old Lee Joseph’s father beat him until his skin was black and blue from his hips to his ankles.  Lee ran away from home, was befriended by a gay male prostitute, and turned his first trick in Houston before his thirteenth birthday. This was in 1978, four years before the Center for Disease […]

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A Job like HM&F

I’ve never worked at a place like the HM&F factory brooded about in Brothers of the Milky Way, but did once have a job that inspired my description of Hank’s miseries there. I was just out of college, a few years younger than the artsy fellow shown with the preposterous old microbus elsewhere on this […]

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Back to Transitophile …

… if you’ve been rudely redirected, and are wondering why the URL in the address bar looks unfamiliar. You’re not on a Russian spam site. You didn’t swallow anything funny at lunch. This blog now lives at Just like the original, but without those pesky nine extra characters. No more redirects (I sincerely […]

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Mechanicking Memories

All I have to show today for my fifteen year career in amateur auto repair is my toolbox.  I never sold it, although it has done little except take up space since the middle nineties, when I donated my old bus to a local church.  The box gathered dust quietly in my apartment closet through […]

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